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                 Soonyoung Kwon / Victoria Pearson 

Agent: Katherine Flynn, Kneerim & Williams 

        Editor: Tim O'Connell, Knopf / PRH

Fallujah:  Counterinsurgency 501

The Leonard Lopate Show / WNYC

Public Radio Tulsa with Rich Fisher

PRH Signature Reads: on war reporting

UPR Access Utah with Tom Williams

Veterans Radio Interview (2 April 2017)


NPR Morning Edition (24 April 2017)

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Re Statebuilding (w/ Dr. Roger Myerson)

Eugene, Oregon Public Radio

"War Downsized" (w/ Dr. Carter Malkasian) 

NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross

     The War Goes On


​                                        Life magazine cover

                                         February 11, 1966

KCRW, To The Point (30 May 2017)

The Page 99 Test

THE MIRROR TEST: America at War in Iraq and Afghanistan 

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

KCRW, To The Point (7 Nov 2017)

The World at War Series, Ep 18

BBC, UK Memorial, Iraq/Afg Wars

BBC, "How Falluja Can't Forget"