The War Goes On


​                                        Life magazine cover

                                         February 11, 1966

Public Radio Tulsa with Rich Fisher

BBC, "How Falluja Can't Forget"

KCRW, Santa Monica (30 May 2017)



       Oliver Munday design / George Baier IV 

                 Soonyoung Kwon / Victoria Pearson 

The Leonard Lopate Show / WNYC

"War Downsized" (w/ Dr. Carter Malkasian) 

Veterans Radio Interview (2 April 2017)

Top of Mind with Julie Rose 

Re Statebuilding (w/ Dr. Roger Myerson)

BBC, UK Memorial, Iraq/Afg Wars

The Page 99 Test

The World at War Series, Ep 18

NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Agent: Katherine Flynn, Kneerim & Williams 

        Editor: Tim O'Connell, Knopf / PRH

THE MIRROR TEST: America at War in Iraq and Afghanistan 

Eugene, Oregon Public Radio

*all photos, except for a few as noted, are the author's 


Fallujah:  Counterinsurgency 501

UPR Access Utah with Tom Williams

NPR Morning Edition (24 April 2017)

PRH Signature Reads: on war reporting